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Devya Asmi

Is a child with autism, who loves to draw

Devya Asmi

DJ is a 10-year-old girl who loves drawing. She was diagnosed with autism when she was 2. She spoke her first word at 2.5 years. DJ has functional language, that is, she can ask for her wants. But not fully functional either. e. g. she would search for cupcakes when she is hungry or ask to make noodles. As she is growing (independent), her functional language is also deteriorating. She would just try finding what she wants instead of asking.

She has a challenge expressing herself in words. So we find her either giggling uncontrollably or crying out loud. It is hard to understand what she is feeling.

She loves to draw. Her initiation, of course, happened with our walls. We were elated when we were able to identify her scribbles the very first time. The entire house (walls) was filled with drawings before she started drawing on the paper.

Her drawings go through phases. The output in any given month would be very similar in theme. We believe her drawings are her outlet of expression. But just like we find it challenging to understand her words, the same is with her art. It is quite a task to understand what she is trying to express.

She has a unique way of drawing her figures. Interestingly, she is challenged with expressions but her characters are very good at it. She is also interested in fashion. She would often try dressing up with various household items. For example, wrap-around two separate bedsheets to dress up as a princess. And this reflects in her art too. You would notice various patterns in the costumes.

It would be quite rare to see an art with inanimate objects. Almost everything is animated. Hearts, boxes houses; they all have a face with an expression.

The majority of her artwork is damaged, as she tries to use them in her play. Or make something out of them; like a pouch or pillow. The purpose of this site is to preserve her work and share it with the world.

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