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Daily Blessings

Devya school sent the message in her daily communication book: That Devya is re-reading story again to answer questions, which is amazing.

As is the tradition, we always notice a good news in NFT for Devya being followed by a good news in real life. A huge milestone for Devya’s NFT journey as we she was nomina by 4 people to showcase her artwork As a apart part of NFT daily challenge. This might only be a small thing for many, for me its a HUGE deal that people think of Devya. Also huge, getting a metaverse home for Devya in Voxels (formerly, like till few hours ago, called cryptovoxels). Its a small 160m and 8m tall waterfront plot, which thank to lucky stars got for a steal. Now to create a metaverse website for devya 💗

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