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Journal - Devya gets COVID

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Mommy speaks: It's been a while since we journaled. Devya usually tells what she wants to do and retelling anything is a goal we are working on. Currently, she is stuck on the idea of making slime and that is all she would speak of.

Making this is perfect opportunity to tell our COVID experience.

We had a break in journalling due to Covid. The most dreaded thing had finally struck our family. Grandpa, grandma, and Devya tested positive. While mom, dad, and brother tested negative (yet after 3 weeks mom and dad had antibodies, which suggest we were asymptomatic).

Luckily, Devya's symptoms were mild with fever on one day and a slight cough. Checking temperatures was interesting as our infrared thermometer decided to not work. And the regular ones take their sweet time. Counting down numbers helped a bit.

Another interesting event was the slurping blood event. We had to draw her blood to test for infection levels.

Devya is as tall as me now and is terrified of needles. We somehow got the blood drawn after which she found the whole process amusing and named the process .. slurping blood.

The thing with Devya is that she comes up with her own names for things. She would name the mall as city. It took us years to find out (yes, years). When we did, we did feel silly for not taking her to the mall. An Indian mall is Diwali city. Another example is armit. She named the full sleeves shirt, the armit. Full list in another blog maybe. Getting back to covid...

We are so grateful for having recovered at home with slight symptoms. Devya's aunt treated us to wellness. While the entire family provided moral support. So blessed to have a family.

Both kids had stomach flu kind of symptoms after 14 days of covid. The constant vomitings got us worried, but thankfully we all recovered. And we are so grateful for that.

We did not have to slurp Devya's blood again. She is a champ at taking pills and meds. During this period, we had family breakfast, lunch, and dinners, and evenings were spent on the terrace playing games and watching the beach. Some memories which we cherish on our lucky escape.

Thankful. Grateful. Blessed.

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