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Social media journey

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

I am Sam and I am NOT an artist. I am here for my daughter, Devya who is an artist.

Our journey began along with the COVID pandemic when Devya's dad turned into Nicolas Cage from the movie Croods. Protective and making sure the family lives, like any other dad. Few months into lockdown, Devya drew a picture of a girl stuck in the living room. It was an eye-opener. An insight into the mind of Devya and how she was feeling. The picture also shows two girls below having an ice cream. Which I THINK represents having it all at home and yet feeling stuck. The reason I have to THINK about this picture is that Devya has autism and is minimally verbal. So you can imagine why this is so HUGE for us.

This artwork led us to so many things, one of which was to encourage her into the field of art and showcase her amazing work to the world. We opened an Instagram account, called amazingdevya!

Then came along NFT world and it gave us a much bigger platform to not only

1) Share her work

2) Make money ( to explore therapies like art therapy, music therapy, etc and support her art adventures )

3) Have a community and meet amazing artists and more importantly artists like her, Sevi, Nadiya, kingfc_darkside - whose artwork is exclusively against bullying.

4) To preserve her work forever

5) Lastly, to see her work evolve over the years to come. When Devya drew the picture of the Girl stuck in The living room, she would use skin tone colors to draw the faces. Due to this, you cannot see the details or the expressions of the girl. And the art comes across as Jesus rather. But come 2021, her art has evolved and now she has learned to outline and make each detail of the artwork more clear. We found an online art class for her as well, which she attends with her cousins and a bunch of other kids. Though currently we only post her thought artwork in NFT.

Since I or dad are not artists, we learn a lot from the community discussions in Clubhouse and Spaces. About the various art forms, which we can introduce Devya too. During occupational therapy, we found that Devya would be calmer and focusses when she would play with things like slime, play-doh, shaving cream. It helps with her sensory diet. So I am curious to explore art forms like sculpting, or fluid art, or the art where you paint with your hands (sorry for using the advanced technical terms to describe some art forms :P)

Right now, only time will tell. Thank you for reading.

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